Bank Marketing Ideas To Help You Get New Customers

Bank Marketing Ideas To Help You Get New Customers

The banking and finance industries have changed over several years thanks to the rapid development of the internet and new-age technology. Additionally, competition has made it increasingly hard for banking and financial institutions to acquire more customers. Bank marketing ideas need to be fresh and relevant and must also bridge the service gaps that customers experience..

Here are some bank marketing ideas you can adopt to attract and convert new customers:

Unique customer service

Unique customer service

Everyone offers customer service, but what sets you apart from the competition? What is it that you do so spectacularly that keeps your customers coming back? Brilliant customer services need to be incorporated in bank marketing strategies to enhance their brand image. Surprise your customers with an unexpected service and record their reactions for your social media, or appreciate them in hashtag campaigns and watch your inquiries increase.

Reward programs

Reward programs

Craft your customer reward programs based on customer loyalty, retention, and cross-promotion of products and services. Several banks have a points program where purchases made with their debit or credit cards lead to points earned. Accumulated points can be redeemed either as discounts on shopping or purchase of fuel. Such programs motivate customers to use your services more while also prompting them to stick around for a long time. Link such programs with different accounts to promote your products.

Partnering with complementary businesses for special additional discounts on purchases with debit/credit cards and introductory offers are other good reward programs that can set you apart and attract new customers.

Improve your website and SEO

Improve your website and SEO

A website is a must-have for any organization, let alone a bank or financial institution, as consumers and B2B buyers use the internet to find and research new businesses. It may not be a revolutionary bank marketing idea anymore but, your website represents your bank and is one of the first things prospects, customers, and potential collaborators check out before deciding to do business with you. Seeing how important websites are to a business, you should ensure that your copy, images, design, visuals, and SEO are current. Hire a website developer to help you build a new website or rework the existing one if this is not something you can do on your own. Ensuring that your website has an SSL certificate will also go a long way in gaining and building the trust of your customers and prospects.

Search engine optimization or SEO is also something you can no longer ignore. It is a vast and complicated field of expertise involving everything from using the right title tags, HTML code, and meta descriptions, to the website copy and images. All of these are important for algorithms of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others to “read”, understand, and ultimately list your website in the search results.

This is something that must not be left up to amateurs if you are serious about competing with the local and other larger banks. Use this along with your other internet marketing strategies to get a leg up on the competition.

Content and social media marketing

Content and social media marketing

When it comes to banks, content marketing means giving your customers different ways to learn about banking in general and the products and services you offer. Blogs are a great way to get information across to your customers and prospects and works towards helping to boost your SEO efforts, making it one of the most valuable bank marketing strategies.

The effectiveness of your content marketing and blogging will entirely depend on your strategy. Ideally, you must aim to become the go-to source for credible information, and this is achieved by establishing yourself as an industry expert. Write about industry trends, new offerings, flagship products, latest findings, etc. You can also transform frequently asked questions or FAQs and customer concerns into useful blogs and share them across your social media accounts.

Alternatively, you can use online tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs to find out what customers are searching for, by using their keyword tools to identify the right topic.

Your blogs should be SEO-optimized, offer a great user experience, follow your brand colors, have a consistent and pleasing format, include videos and images for content diversification, and offer a call to action.

For social media marketing, merely having a social media account on different platforms while posting random content every day at random times is not going to help you win over anyone no matter how hard you try. Marketing on social media requires one to engage and form relationships with people interested in your bank. You also get the opportunity to create brand awareness, advertise, and attract prospects.

Social media is also a great place to connect with existing customers to address complaints and criticisms and provide customer support.

Stay fresh to stay ahead

Stay fresh to stay ahead

An increase in competition is making it harder for businesses to retain customers, let alone attract new ones. However, no one ever said that things are so bad that it is impossible. To stay relevant, banks and other businesses need to keep up with the trends and always be on their toes, making it easier for them to react and adapt to the changing scenarios.

Marketing is an especially tough segment where concepts must be fresh and useful enough to attract and retain customers. We hope that these ideas and tips can help you make up your mind or point you in the right direction.

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