5 Best Payment Gateways In India In 2021 For Ecommerce And Drop Shipping

Best Payment Gateways In India In 2021 For Ecommerce

The best payment gateways in India all have one thing in common- the user’s trust. A customer’s trust is what any legitimate business wants, as this develops into continued patronage and referrals.

It is crucial for you to gain your customers’ confidence, especially if you are dealing with their private and banking information. Even a tiny breach can spell disaster for your business.

While the primary customers of payment gateways are ecommerce, drop shipping, or any other website with an online payment feature, their customers’ experiences with your gateway will dictate whether or not they will continue to do business with you. The easier to use and more responsive your gateway is, the better the user experience.

Here are five of the best payment gateways in India for 2021:



This is one of the most popular payment gateways in India through which you can access your net banking, debit cards, credit cards, UPI, and e-wallets like Mobikwik and JioMoney. Razorpay offers end-to-end transaction security and allows customers to manage and automate their businesses. Some of its features include quick activation, hassle-free integration, dashboard reporting, security, over 100 payment options, etc. Additionally, it charges a transaction fee of up to 2 to 3 per cent depending on the mode of payment.



PayPal is an international fintech company quickly becoming one of the most trusted online payment gateways in India. It is also one of the best payment gateways for freelancers, as it is available for use anywhere in the world. PayPal is not exclusive to businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. It can be used by anyone. All you need to do is link your PayPal account with your debit or credit card, and you can get started.

What’s so cool about PayPal is that it offers buyer protection, as well as free return shipping. It also connects with over 360 million users worldwide and has customers like Udemy, MakeMyTrip, ALT Balaji, Gaana, and many more. Some features include fraud prevention, PCI compliance, online security, phishing and live customer support, and invoice and sales tracking. PayPal is easy to integrate with websites and accepts a variety of payment methods, including QR codes.

The domestic fee on PayPal transactions is 2% plus GST, while international translations attract a fee of 3% plus GST.



A flagship company of the Naspers group, PayUMoney is one of the best payment gateways, making online payments as simple as possible. It serves over 4,000 merchants across India and is partnered with some of India’s largest banks, providing them with a secure platform to send and receive money, and make payments. Signing up with PayUMoney is simple, with no setup fees and only a bank verification and pan card required as proof. There is a charge of only 2.9 per cent on transactions. With the My PayU dashboard, you can track your transaction information like shipping details, status, refunds, and other details.



One of the best payment gateways in India, Instamojo provides online stores and online payment solutions to small, independent businesses, MSMEs, and startups to help them run a successful eCommerce business. Instamojo’s payment gateway provides a comprehensive set of features that make it simple to manage online payments. It supports over 100 online payment modes, including Google pay, net banking, debit and credit cards, EMI and pay later options and easy integration and settlements. While they don’t levy hidden fees or additional charges, they charge 2 per cent + ₹3 + GST for physical goods and 5 per cent + ₹3 + GST for digital goods.




CCAvenue is again one of the popular online payment gateways in India. Being South Asia’s largest payment gateway and merchant accounts service provider, it accepts various payment methods and supports JCB, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, and eZeClick credit cards. Its payment page is available in 18 languages (Indian and international), allowing users to offer their customers a “localised” shopping experience. It also accepts payments in 27 major currencies, including Euro, Indian Rupees, Japanese Yen, American Dollar, UAE Dirham, Pound Sterling, Qatari Riyal, Baht, and Chinese Yuan Renminbi.

CCAvenue also offers CCAvenue Card Storage Vault, designed to securely store and recall your customers’ card information for quicker and more efficient repeat transactions. The information is encrypted and stored securely against a unique token/identifier sent by you when the transaction is initiated, ensuring that this information is used only by your customers for your website. Even if you are not PCI compliant, CCAvenue’s simple API allows you to reuse stored card information for future transactions.

To conclude...

When you use one of the best payment gateways in India, you ensure that your customers have the best user experience, which, if it does not improve their opinion of your website, will not detract from it.

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